Success through Partnership

ASPIRE is active in the emerging regenerative medicine sector for a number of decades, supporting clients in the development of novel therapeutic options and medical device systems. They have developed, represented and positioned a number of products from disposable delivery devices for use during surgery, to point of care systems that enable in vivo treatment in the private practice.

They are accustomed to working with early-stage companies with technologies and treatments in the regenerative medicine field.  Their approach to understanding the target users and underlying technology means that they can deliver tangible solutions that meet commercial and usability requirements, or proof-of-principle concepts that enable testing and trials.

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Mahe medical was founded in 1993. Mahe medical is committed to combining outstanding quality and service. The necessary flexibility with certain workflows often leads to an optimal results when meeting an unusual customer need.

Their turning department is equipped with the latest CNC sliding lathes with up to 11 axes; we process 1.0 mm to 26.0 mm diameter bars. Complete processing of the turned parts, including thread milling, thread whirling, high frequency milling, and deep hole drilling, is part of our standard service. We also have CNC short turning machines with up to 9 axes, double spindles, and powered tools. We can process up to 42 mm diameter bars.

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REV-MED has perspired for medical device development since Jan.2009. In particular, constructed agency net in the domestic foreign countries along with development of minimally invasive herniated disc therapeutics and educated local doctors with holding seminars in may countries.

Began to succeed in development with patent of a technology that concentrate platelet layer called "PRP" and bone marrow stem cell in 2012 and display prominence in cell treatment field.

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Kasios specialises in the development, manufacture and sales of synthetic bone substitutes for use in orthopaedics and dental surgery. The company’s expertise in biomaterials comes from its scientific team of calcium phosphate specialists, recognized for their success and experience in developing novel products tailored to this fast growing market. 

They work within the standards of quality and under a controlled environment that satisfies the unified regulatory requirements of all their clients and their target markets.

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The Luxembourg Bone and Tissue Bank collects tissues taken from alive and dead donors. These tisues are treated and delivered to health care centers that provided them. ISOS offers health care centers to collect and treat human tissues stemming from surgery. 

The Luxembourg Bone and Tissue Bank (LBTB) set up a Scientific Committee gathering 12 Luxembourgish and International surgeons. This Scientific Committee is chaired by Dr Léon Schuman.

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